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How Back SEO Helps You

Keyword Generation

Generate thousands of keywords in seconds.


Audit your site. Audit your competitors sites. Store the data locally.

Analyze the SERP

See who’s ranking, then write better content.

Build Authority Content

Use our AI Prompt Chaining feature to QUICKLY build authority in your niche.

Weekly Updates

I constantly have ideas, and love implementing them in my software.

Your eyes are important to us
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The Last SEO Tool You’ll Ever Buy

My goal is to save you money. Right now, we are the only tool you need to build authority content and get it ranking. Next is to optimize through automation. You don’t want to miss out.


  • Unlimited Keywords
  • Unlimited SERP Analyzers
  • Audit Your Competition


  • Optimize New Content
  • Generate Pillar Content
  • Export to WordPress with custom images


  • Score old content
  • Generate internal links through generated Internal Link Juicer .csv

Features for Writers

Search engines are only after one thing: QUALITY. Give your writers tools that are built for them.

Client AI Prompt Management Feature in Back SEO

Client/AI Prompt Management

  • Store all the information GPT needs about your clients (and since it’s API access, OpenAI can’t use the data you put in)
  • Store all of your most used prompts.
  • Saves in specific client folders.

Edit AI Prompt Chain

Back SEO is great at generating authority pillar content, and with the edit prompt chain feature, you can change how it sounds, giving you the best content possible.

Edit AI Prompt Chains Feature in Back SEO
Back SEO Content Score Feature

Content Score

  • See how well your content is written and how it will rank in the search engine.
  • See where your content needs improvements
  • Check to see what keywords the search engine sees

Features for SEO Agencies

Own the data you generate. Back SEO never touches your data, so we can’t sell it to competitors like other SEO tools do.

Back SEO Specific Results SERP Analyze Feature

Specific Results SERP Analyzer

  • Look at each specific site that showed up in the SERP and analyze what they.
  • Tabs for common keywords, all keywords, common headers, all headers and more.
  • Click a link on the right side to copy it to your clipboard for easy outbound linking when posting articles.

Website Audit

Audit your website and get recommendations on what you should do better. Also, get an Internal Link Juicer .csv if you are using WordPress on your site.

Back SEO Website Audit Feature

Generate Ideas for Keywords

  • Thousands of keywords in seconds
  • Choose the source of the keywords
  • Select the context of your keywords.