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You can now 3x your production of high-quality content that will rank high on Google. Our content tool combines keyword research, competitor analysis, and AI writing in one tool. All for a fraction of the price.

BackSEO Content Tool

If you’ve used other notable SEO tools, you might be familiar with some of these struggles…


The upfront cost of many premium SEO tools can be unsustainable for small businesses or individuals with limited budgets.

Overwhelming Features

Feature-rich SEO tools often come with a multitude of options, and users may find it overwhelming, leading to the underutilization of the software.

Limited Usage

Even with expensive monthly subscriptions, you still need to deal with credit usage for most SEO tools. That won’t be an issue with BackSEO.

No Privacy

When using large tools that operate from a server, companies can track your usage data. We do not store any data whatsoever, so you can rest assured that you have private usage.

Limited Scalability

Expensive SEO tools may have pricing models that are not scalable, making it difficult for growing businesses to afford the tool as their needs expand.

Everything you need in one place

Your All-in-One SEO Tool

Get lifetime access to:
Keyword research

Generate content backed by keyword research.

idea generation

Never face writer’s block ever again.

competitor analysis

Analyze your competitors to give you the edge.

ai content writing

Produce 3x more content with AI writing.

BackSEO Content Tool

Optimize your content with AI

Always worried that your content isn’t good enough to rank #1? You’ll get a content score, header suggestions, keyword density, competitor comparisons, and more.

BackSEO Content Tool

Generate Content that Ranks

With our keyword research tool, you can finally find hidden keyword gems and opportunities without having to worry about credit usage. You’re now supercharged to find opportunities like never before.

BackSEO Content Tool

Website Auditor

Too many factors to writing good content? BackSEO now handles all of that for you – Structured title tags, Keyword-optimized, and most importantly, a great reading experience for visitors.

What you get

One Purchase. Tons of Value.

say goodbye to tons of subscriptions

Saved compared to monthly tools

More possibilities with unlimited actions

Writing Hours Saved

look no further…


Our Solution to Expensive SEO subscriptions

It’s a No-Brainer.

One-time purchase:

Free 3-day Trial

Still not sure whether it’s worth it? No worries, we offer a 3-day trial for FREE to try BackSEO out!

Lifetime deal

Never worry about making your payments for your SEO tools for the coming months.

No hidden fees

Don’t fret about credit usage or overspending. We are fully transparent in having no hidden fees.

BackSEO Content Tool

About BackSEO

BackSEO is a company that is run by me, Andrew Cook. I am the only person in this company, and everything that is on this website and in my software was written and designed by me (and MIT Publicly licensed software and software that I purchased, of course). I’m a jack-of-all-trades, which gives me an insight into how many different industries are run, and how easy things really should be.

Your questions answered

Frequently-Asked Questions

BackSEO is a marketing software that allows you to own your marketing software and data. It is built using a lightweight GUI that is fast and easy to use. It offers unlimited SERPs, briefs, and keywords.

Using BackSEO allows you to own your marketing software and data, and eliminates the need to pay monthly SaaS bills. It also provides unlimited access to content editors and website audits, allowing you to do more.

BackSEO offers unlimited SERPs, briefs, and keywords, as well as unlimited AI articles, outlines, and content editors. It also provides weekly updates and eliminates the need for monthly SaaS bills.

BackSEO is a one-time purchase, while other marketing software often requires monthly payments. Additionally, BackSEO offers unlimited SERPs, briefs, and keywords, while other software may limit these features.

You can purchase BackSEO for $250 one time, or use the code FIRST50 for 50% off. Once you have access, you can start using all of the modules of BackSEO with no monthly charges or API tokens.

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