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Back SEO Agencies is everything you love about Local SEO Gridmap Reports… Without monthly fees.

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If you’ve used other notable SEO tools, you might be familiar with some of these struggles…


The monthly cost of many premium SEO tools can be unsustainable for small businesses or individuals with limited budgets.

Useless Features

Lots of tools come with plenty of bells & whistles… Back SEO Agencies focuses on what matters most… Proving the value of your Local SEO Efforts.

Limited Usage

Even with expensive monthly subscriptions, you still need to deal with credit usage for most SEO tools. That won’t be an issue with Back SEO Agencies.

No Privacy

When using large tools that operate from a server, companies can track your usage data. We do not store any data whatsoever, so you can rest assured that you have private usage.

Limited Scalability

It seems like every new client you sign on, you have to expand your monthly SEO tool budget. I hate that. Back SEO Agencies ensures that no matter how many clients you have, you won’t have to pay monthly to build their reports.

Your All-in-One SEO Tool

Back SEO Agencies

Get lifetime access to:
Local SEO Grid Maps

Build unlimited 3×3 seo gridmaps in minutes

content scores

See how your content compares to the competition.

competitor analysis

Analyze your competitors to give you the edge.

website audits

See which pages need the most work.

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Add multiple clients

Have multiple clients? No problem. Add them to Back SEO Agencies, and build as many reports as you want.

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See your competition’s content score

Using advanced natural language algorithms, you can see how well each of your

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Local SEO Gridmaps

Create as many Local SEO Gridmaps as you please, right here, on your computer. No more queues. No more buying credits.

What you get

One Purchase. Tons of Value.

say goodbye to tons of subscriptions

Saved over 5 years compared to monthly tools

More possibilities with unlimited actions

More client slots available than the competition

look no further…


Our Solution to Expensive SEO subscriptions

It’s a No-Brainer.

One-time purchase:

Support Small Developers

I built this app by myself. You get direct access to the developer, so if something breaks, I can tell you directly.

Lifetime deal

Use it as much as you want. Yes, you will get access to updates.

No hidden fees

This is a piece of software, once you buy it, use it as you please. I won’t charge you monthly unless I’m providing a service for you. Get in contact about services.

BackSEO Content Tool

About Back SEO Marketing Software

Back SEO Marketing Software is a solo-dev operation run by me, Andrew Cook. I am the only person in this company, also provide access to SEO services, using the skills that I picked up while developing this software and building my website.

Your questions answered

Frequently-Asked Questions

Back SEO Agencies is a Local SEO Marketing tool that is native to your desktop, and allows you to create Local SEO Gridmap reports, getting results from anywhere in the world.

No monthly fees. True data privacy. I don’t collect any of your clients data. In fact, Back SEO Agencies doesn’t ping my servers at all. I truly don’t want any data that you didn’t personally give me… Too much hassle.

Back SEO Agencies enables you to:

  • Build unlimited 3×3 local seo gridmap reports at 5-50 miles between each node
  • Automate checking your rankings in the organic SERP
  • Build fully customizable white-label .docx reports for your clients
  • Audit websites BLAZINGLY FAST compared to any other website auditing tool I’ve ever used.

Back SEO Agencies is a one-time purchase, while other gridmap software often requires monthly payments. Additionally, Back SEO Agencies offers unlimited clients, maps, audit reports, and Internal Link Juicer .csvs.

You can purchase Back SEO Agencies for $250 one time. Once you have access, you can start using everything that Back SEO Agencies has to offer.

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