Privacy Policy and terms of service

This page declares the privacy policy, licensing policy, and terms of service for and backSEO Software products

BackSEO has been officially tested on Windows 10. However, the dependencies have been tested on Windows 8, and Windows 11 has backwards compatibility features. There is no reason why BackSEO wouldn’t work on VMs and other different types of platforms, as long as it is Windows 8+ with over 70mb of storage space, there should be no issues with running the software. BackSEO requires a working internet connection in order to function.

Program licensing

Purchase of Back SEO Software grants you one license key that can be activated up to three times. If errors occur with licensing, contacting support can grant you a new license, provided there are no signs of abuse. Every license grants permission to use the product for life, and you are entitled to any bug fixes and new core functionality features in the future.

Under the terms of the license agreement, you are forbidden to share the BackSEO application or license details with non-license holders. You may not upload the application to any publicly available space, such as forums, social media, or any other media sharing website, including your own personal websites. The official download for Back SEO software comes from Seeing this software anywhere else is strictly forbidden. We reserve the right to revoke anyone’s license if they are caught breaking any of the rules regarding licensing and sharing of the software.

Refund Policy

If there are any issues with installing/updating the software, please get in touch with us as soon as possible. As of Version 1.0, you only have 24 hours in order to get a full refund on the product. Please make sure that your system (Windows 10 confirmed, Windows 8+ assumed) fits within the system recommendations before you purchase. There can be circumstances where a refund is issued after 24 hours. If the software isn’t working as intended, please get in contact with us right away.

Back SEO generates a lot of data, and your inputs could overload the application. Some antivirus software and firewalls can prevent BackSEO Software from working correctly. Poor internet with proxies could also cause issues in the software. RAM and disk space could also result in errors by Back SEO Software. Back SEO Software uses <1GB of RAM most of the time, however, when performing certain tasks, it can use >5GB, depending on user inputs. Do note that certain errors we cannot prevent from happening, such as running out of RAM or storage. Please attempt to fix these issues before asking for a refund or sending a complaint.

Things to include when requesting a refund after 24 hours are:
– Operating System
– Reason for requesting refund
– Any issues that you had with the software
– Would you like to wait for the issue to be patched?

privacy policy

Back SEO is an application that runs locally on your PC. Back SEO does not require administrator access and makes no modifications to your system upon installation. Back SEO does not retrieve any of your personal information, nor does it send any personal information. We take user privacy very seriously. Back SEO may sometimes connect to the internet to check for version updates or to verify the license.

Email Policy

Upon registration, your email will be collected and sent to both BackSEO and Stripe, our payment processor. Your email may be used to log in to the website to download various themes and other products. The information is in no way shared with any other parties, and is strictly used by the Back SEO team to communicate with customers and to verify purchases. Marketing and software update emails may be sent out.

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