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I’m a DIY Guy. I do almost all of your digital marketing myself.

Digital Marketing Pricing Chart

You should choose me because I’m:


I’m gonna be upfront with you… It takes me ~40 hours to do all of the monthly checklist myself, even after all of my years of doing freelance SEO.

Done it all

I’m a boots on the ground kinda guy. I wouldn’t offer this as a service if I haven’t done it before myself.

A Cost Saver

I look for places that I can cut costs. I don’t have any fancy monthly services that I use, my tools are barebones, so I don’t have much of a reason to raise my prices on you.

Open & Honest

I use AI tools and Canva for most of my work. Yes, I proofread it myself. You hire me for my systems, and the quality of my work. Feel free to make edits at any time and to communicate with me.

green line go up

For less than the cost of a minimum wage employee, I will optimize your website, social media, and directory listings to bring you more business.

look no further…


My proven tactics + time

It’s a No-Brainer.


monthly Deliverables

I ensure that you get monthly deliverables, and don’t promise rankings. Traffic will come with these deliverables.

locked-in prices

For these services, prices are locked in forever. Think of it as a “breaking out of freelancing” special.

No hidden fees

I HATE HIDDEN FEES. I won’t subject you to them. I use ethical marketing tactics, which for some reason are hard to find these days.

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