BackSEO is a company that is run by me, Andrew Cook. I am the only person in this company, and everything that is on this website and in my software was written and designed by me (and MIT Publicly licensed software and software that I purchased, of course). I’m a jack-of-all trades, which gives me an insight into how many different industries are run, and how easy things really should be.

Our Mission

Back SEO’s mission is to empower every person who wants to become a writer or own a digital marketing agency one day. With just a little bit of wit and determination, everyone has the ability to do anything they want. Just because you don’t have enough money to start out buying SaaS products that charge ridiculous monthly prices, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be forced to save then put it all on the line and HOPE that they land enough clients to feed themselves and their families within a month.

That’s not how Back SEO rolls. We want everyone to be in a position where they can reliably get the information that they need, provided they have the resources. If a company that you utilize for your data has a power outage, how are you going to do your job? A lot of people will be struggling at the same time. Or maybe your credit card got declined out of the blue, and you’ll have to spend valuable time out of your day in order to get things fixed. Meanwhile, the agencies that were smart and chose software that empowers them to be in charge of the data they use, will never run into those issues.

Our Vision

The vision for Back SEO is to give new businesses the ability to compete with companies that have been established for years with virtually unlimited funding. I am always looking for developers to partner with to create a better product for our customer bases. Whether it’s through incorporating their API into Back SEO, or selling their add-ons that they developed for Back SEO.

Our Story

I’ve been in the online writing/digital marketing space ever since I was able to type at a reasonable speed. Starting off with blog comments for my dad for a little bit of money as a kid, then moving on to building my own website and writing content. I first got introduced to programming in high school, and since then I have been writing scripts to assist me in almost any task, whether it be doing my math homework, or keeping track of the money that bots were generating in a video game.

I had the idea for Back SEO when I was learning about NLP in my off time. Keyword extraction seemed like a fun thing to get involved with, and I successfully implemented a lot of keyword extraction tools using the command line. Unfortunately, that wasn’t enough, and it wasn’t until I came across the DPG UI framework that I truly became invested in creating Back SEO. Having implemented keyword extraction using other UI frameworks, it started to get really slow for large searches, and definitely wasn’t consumer product ready. After implementing DPG (an open source MIT Licensed UI framework), I kept getting ideas and implementing them before saying “okay, it’s time to release”.

To this day, Back SEO is the only software that I’m aware of with customizable themes, and an SEO Content Editor that is run locally on your PC.

why isn’t BackSEO SaaS?

We want you to be in charge of your own data. I have no use for the data that you’re searching for, and I’d have to charge monthly fees in order to keep the servers running smoothly. I don’t like the idea of you needing to rely on my server uptime to be able to access your data. Also, on your PC, you’re as secure as you want. As much as websites say “your data is secure with us”, all it takes is one attack for your information to be vulnerable. The only data that we personally store is the information from Stripe, login data, and licensing information. All licenses are lifetime licenses, and you can always contact me if you need support with your license. We don’t store any of the data you created using Back SEO, nor do we want to. That information is your information, I just provide the tools for you to get to it.

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