I wrote this post on LinkedIn, but I feel like it would be better here if I wrote it as a cowboy (thanks AI). Enjoy.

Howdy pardners, gather ’round the campfire and listen up!

Do Y’all Recall When Them Commercials Were Mighty Fine?

Back in the day, folks put their heart and soul into them commercials. But nowadays, it seems like they just slap together some fancy numbers and call it a day. Heck, 99% of the stuff they’re peddlin’, I forget faster than a tumbleweed in a dust storm.

Now, I reckon I ain’t the most qualified to jaw about this, seein’ as I use me one of them ad blockers to keep them pesky ads at bay. But I do love me some YouTube, and them sponsorship bits are always the same darn thing. They’re more predictable than a high noon showdown, and about as excitin’ as watchin’ paint dry on a cactus.

Are These Dull Ads Workin’ Like a Charm?

I’m startin’ to wonder if these boring ads are actually doin’ the trick. Or maybe there’s somethin’ more sinister at play here.

Now, I know LinkedIn might not be the best place to chew the fat about this, but y’all need to hear me out.

Strap on Yer Tinfoil Hats, Folks

What if them Google folks are purposely showin’ us snoozefest ads so we’ll switch to YouTube Premium? I mean, ads are gonna be more annoyin’ than a rattlesnake in yer boot regardless, but it seems like companies have been usin’ the same darn openin’ line since YouTube introduced that skip button.

The Meta Switcheroo

For a hot minute there, everyone was jumpin’ on the “don’t skip this ad” bandwagon. But when every Tom, Dick, and Harry started doin’ it, it lost its shine faster than a rusty spur. Then they all switched back to them 5-second unskippable ads, but that didn’t stick around long either.

The Bottom Line

I reckon online ads have always been about as interestin’ as watchin’ tumbleweeds roll by. Just like how Spotify only plays ads for Spotify Premium, I’d bet my best horse that YouTube’s showin’ us the most mind-numbin’ ads possible to get us to pony up for YouTube Premium.

What do y’all think? Sound off in the comments below, pardners!

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