Alright, so I’m what some people would consider “efficiency focused”… Basically the smart version of lazy. I think that it’s ridiculous to have to come up with a new social media post every single day but you know what? It’s effective. Being consistent is the only true way to get followers, and keep them.

And it makes sense. Content is king, because without it what will consumers consume?

We gotta feed the hungry algorithms 24/7 in order to make them work for us… BUT UGH IS IT ANNOYING.

I can be forgetful, and I like to work in sprints usually… And by sprints I mean procrastinate. But when I work for myself, there are no deadlines. And with no deadlines, infinite procrastination begins.

So to avoid that, I came up with this new strategy… Bulk create and see what happens.

I’m well aware of the fact that this is how most not-media companies do things, but I figure that I’ll share this little secret with you.

Lazy Doesn’t Mean Low-Quality

There are so many marketers out there that put out low quality stuff that they put a lot of effort into. It’s kinda sad, but more annoying because they’re trying too hard.

I don’t mean to brag, but I think I have an eye for quality… Oh who am I kidding, the only reason my stuff is “high quality” is because I’m not creating AI garbage and am putting in very little effort because it looks human, and I’m betting on being a legit human is going to pay off dividends compared to a whole bunch of AI junk.

Creating Posts

I use Canva. There are plenty of templates. I’m not going to teach you how to use Canva, it’s pretty straightforward. You can create multiple pages in an image, which allows you to bulk create images for social media pretty quickly.

Add page in a red circle for a post about social media.

Post Scheduling

Most post schedulers suck, but they work. The reason they suck is because you have to pay monthly for them, instead of just having a 1-time payment…. WHY DO THEY DO THIS??????????

But, I pay for Canva anyways, and it seems to do the job decently enough.

Unfortunately, Canva is pretty bad at post scheduling… And by that I mean that if you want to post just 1 image per day, you have to copy the design multiple times. So by the time you get to page 28 in your posts, your file will say “Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of YOUR FILENAME” which is dumb. They really should fix that, it’s eating up tons of their internal storage I’m sure…

But they won’t fix it for a while because they’re in the cloud… Yes, I’m turning this into one of those posts.

If Canva was available as a downloadable app (the current Canva app is a web app, everything is still stored on their servers), then they’d have this issue fixed because someone will complain about it and they will have to actually be concerned about the space they take up on client PCs. Ugh, if only companies gave a hoot like Back SEO does. I don’t want to charge you monthly for something that I put 0 effort into after the fact. Just buy it, one and done. That’s my motto.

Back to creating social media posts

Scheduling the posts is pretty easy, and I use social media as a creative outlet, so I REALLY JUST write whatever comes to my mind, and create social media images from whatever I decide to think up. It’s not hard and can be relaxing. Anyone has the ability to create something that looks nice. I’m very lazy about my own designs, but that’s a preference. If you want to see some of my more professional designs, feel free to hit me up on Instagram.

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