I’ve had a passion for local SEO for a while. It’s pretty simple to do, especially if you know what you’re doing, but I can understand why not a lot of people really care to get into it. Obviously, it’s a form of digital marketing, but you can do a lot of creative things offline in order to gain traction for the business that you are running.

Why Local SEO?

There are many reasons to like Local SEO, but personally, I love it because it ties real local marketing with digital marketing in a great way.
Local SEO is very easy to demonstrate value with, and getting the “upsell” for regular SEO and other digital marketing services is easier than starting with ads, social media, or regular SEO.
Local SEO is easy, too. No cap.

Local SEO Helps:

  • Local People
  • Plumbers
  • Dance Studios
  • Financial managers
  • Normal, everyday people just looking to get by

Services Related to Local SEO

I mean, let’s be honest, social media & traditional SEO are basically the exact same thing at this point. Keep your GMB updated, just like you would with any other social media platform, use Schema just like you would to get featured in regular SEO. I mean, the skills transfer over practically perfectly in this landscape. And if you can land in Google Discover, even better.

It’s Creative Work

Yes, this article is all over the place. I don’t care. Local SEO is creative work. Any kind of marketing is, if we’re being honest. The thing that AI kinda really sucks at is implementing systems and strategies. That’s the human advantage. I can create a system, and make it happen.

And that’s the beauty, I think, of doing Local SEO. Everyone needs it, you can come up with creative marketing strategies, then execute them. The thing that attracts me, and should attract you, most to this entire line of work is the fun things you can create that will get views on social media platforms.

Yeah, I went there. Social media & local SEO are so intertwined that you NEED to learn how to create a good local digital marketing strategy. TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, GMB, LinkedIn, all of them have location features. Gotta use them all in order to compete in today’s market. It can be low-effort, but you gotta try everything.

I’m Priced Fairly

Pricing Chart

For only $1776/month (less than a minimum wage employee), I do all of these things for you. Yes, of course, I want to teach people how to do Local SEO as well, but this is what I charge, I think I should be transparent about the recievables, and I don’t care if you steal my price sheet. Just hit me up if you want to do it, I am looking for other like-minded SEOs to join me in helping the world learn the power of local marketing.

$1776/month per client?

Yeah. That might not seem like much, but I assure you that doing all of the things on the list eats up about 40 hours of my time. I do it all myself because, well, I can. I like to learn it all.

I also include the deliverables the way I do because LOCAL SEO TAKES TIME. I will not get you great results in 1 month, probably not even 3 months. But 6 months in, I guarantee you that we will look at the previous reports created from Back SEO Agencies, and you will have more green dots in more locations… And more social media followers.

About Me

So why trust me? I’ve been doing SEO content writing for over 10 years. I’ve learned a lot of different writing styles, what works in SEO, what doesn’t. What things are wastes of money, and what things actually provide value. I’m very Boots on the Groundy and believe that I can do it all. I mean, that’s what you pay me for, right?

Why Local SEO Agencies shouldn’t focus on only Local SEO

A lot of “SEO agencies” are looked at as some sort of scam. Or the people behind the internet turning into a giant AI dumpster fire. I’m gonna be honest, I did some of that AI nonsense. I f’ed up, but now I realize what works… Good human written content, posted on a lot of different social medias. Also video content… I just need to get better at doing that.

Anyways, yeah, a lot of people have been scammed, it’s an uphill battle when doing local seo and trying to get people to believe in your methods. So many “get rich quick” guys talk about “scaling their business” “buying courses” whatever, it’s all tactics that are generally outdated. They make money selling courses. I make money selling software. I’ve read the documentation, I know what it takes to do local seo.

It’s going to be a lot like running social media. Making cool designs, offline marketing…. GETTING REVIEWS!!!

It’s all about reviews

Authentic reviews. Yes, your competition is gonna buy fake reviews. No, I don’t encourage anyone to use fake reviews. Help your clients create email campaigns and mailer campaigns that beg their clients for 5-star reviews. The highest rated player wins. Seriously, once you break the review code, you win the game.

Why do you get followers on Facebook? Honestly, doesn’t matter. You want reviews. Facebook pages can rank, and highly reviewed Facebook pages will rank higher.

Same with public Instagram pages. Same with public LinkedIn pages. Yeah, it’s all of them. Every social media platform has reviews these days.

Create different review campaigns for different platforms. Get your customers to visit a new review site every month, or every time they use your service. Train your clients to ask for reviews after service. The in-person “hey leave us a review” makes a huge difference.

Anyways, that’s all for this week. Talk to you all later.

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