Alright, I’m kind of a skeptic when it comes to certain things. In the past, I would just use AI to generate a bunch of BS, but now I’m like “screw that, let’s do it legit” so now I’m daily posting across multiple platforms just to see what will happen.

I’m a reading type person, though I’ve been watching a lot of YouTube recently… But I digress, that I think that a lot of fellow SEO people are in the same boat as me.

I like to read, I do a lot of Google searches, and I’ve noticed a kind of uptick in UGC. That’s concerning, I liked the old days where it was human written content that was actually educational to read… But whatever.

Now it’s all either AI spun garbage, grifter garbage (what is Forbes doing writing about the best Air Fryers, isn’t this a business site?), or a UGC forum site like Reddit.

So what is grifter garbage exactly?

You might wonder why I put Forbes in parentheses after grifter garbage. Well, Forbes started around 1915 and back then, they were one of the only companies that could mass print a magazine about business. And that’s about the only authority they have… They’re old af and have bad takes.

Yeah, I don’t think Forbes contributes to much these days.

They’re writing about Air Fryers, Kiddie Pools, and random generic plastic junk that they totally got paid to put there. Or they use affiliate links/partnerships.

Seriously, they publish so much junk and top 10 lists, that there’s actually no way that they actually review that kinda stuff.

I mean, so what, right? Affiliate marketers are annoying… EXACTLY! Why do we want a massive conglomerate who we only know because our parents read Forbes and they were in the dentist’s office as a kid, to be ranked highly?

Yeah, okay, before it was likely someone in Pakistan or India that can barely understand English but used ChatGPT to write a top 5 article, but now the results are Forbes who does understand English and is probably also using AI to write the article.

If both are mediocre quality and can’t be trusted… Then I’d rather the guy from India get the commission. I think that’s more ethical considering back when Forbes was founded, India didn’t even have an effective way to give the news to their entire country.

I got off topic… What’s the plan?

The plan is simple. I post on LinkedIn, Medium, Substack, and Reddit on a daily basis, and write a blog post after. We’ll see how it goes, just talking about my beliefs, seeing if people wanna read it. That’s it… Buy Back SEO Agencies.

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